Can I camp anywhere in Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest?

Dispersed camping along Forest Service roads is allowed where there is adequate space to safely park completely off the roadway and not on any vegetation. Whether car camping or backpacking, choose an existing campsite on bare or compacted soil.

Where can I camp in Washington without a reservation?

  • Camano Island State Park.
  • Colonial Creek Campground.
  • Owhi Campground.
  • White River Campground.
  • Beacon Rock State Park.
  • South Beach Campground in Olympic National Park.
  • Rock Island Campground.
  • Spencer Spit State Park.

Where can I camp my car in Mt Baker?

  • San Juan Campground.
  • Beckler River Campground.
  • Troublesome Creek Campground.
  • Middle Fork Campground.
  • Tulalip Group Campground.
  • Bedal Campground.
  • Ashland Lakes Trail Dispersed Camp.
  • Coal Lake/Independence Lake Trailhead Dispersed Camp.

Do you need a permit to camp in Mt Baker?

Visitors to designated wilderness areas need a permit. Revenues from pass sales go to maintaining and improving the trails, land and facilities.

Can you camp anywhere on DNR land in Washington?

Dispersed camping, camping outside of our designated campgrounds, is allowed in some of our forests. Dispersed camping is not allowed at day-use sites. Toilets, picnic tables, trash cans, drinking water, and fire pits are not available in the backcountry.

Can you camp in the Mt Baker parking lot?

We have a limited number of sites available at our Heather Meadows and White Salmon Parking lots for overnight parking during the winter season. ALL vehicles staying overnight in those lots MUST have reservations, including unattended cars. Bear in mind that this is not a traditional RV campground – Mt.

Do you need a permit to camp in Jedediah Smith Wilderness?

Jedediah Smith Questions and Answers. IS A PERMIT REQUIRED? No, unless you will be camping in Grand Teton National Park. Park permits are available at the local Forest Service Office for trips beginning from the Jedediah Smith Wilderness.

Do you need a permit to camp in Redwood National Park?

Free permits are required for camping at all designated backcountry camps in Redwood National and State Parks. Please obtain your permits at least 48 hours before your planned backcountry date. No phone reservations are made for backcountry permits. Apply for a backcountry camping permit.


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